Take a look at our mouth-watering selection of breakfast items!

Eggs & Omelletes

The Southern Omellette
This is a fully loaded omellete with typical toppings and smothered with gravy

Eggs and Toast
This is our local favorite, it comes with 3 scrambled eggs and toast of your choice!

Our Sunnyside-sunshine comes with two sunny-side-up eggs, and your choice of side

Pancakes and More

Mickey-Mouse Special
Our Mickey-mouse Special features Micky-Mouse shaped pancakes with a free hot chocolate (seasonal)

Biscuits & Gravy
All you can eat biscuits and gravy!


Need something to help you make it through the day? Our lunch items are your answer!


Ham & Cheese
Our take on a ham & Cheese sandwich, with out special sauce and american cheese.

Our Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich will have you begging for more! With our homegrown tomatoes, and local bacon, it is our most ordered lunch item!

6" Deli
The 6" Deli sandwich is our most customizable item on the menu. You are in control of everything on your sandwich, with 20 toppings of your choice, it's hard to resist.


Feast with our delicious dinner options!


Whiskey River
Our Whiskey River Burger comes like a regular bruegr, but it stopped with our famous whiskey barbeque sauce.

Regular Cheeseburger with your choice of toppings, and topped with American Cheese.

Sunnyside Burger
Our Sunnyside Burger is a regular burger but has sausage in it, and a sunnyside up egg on top.


Ceazar Salad
Regular Ceazar Salad topped wiht our special, homeade ranch.

Warrior Salad
The Warrior Salad was built for the ultimate warrior. A regular salad, covered in meats, and bacon.


Our thirst-quenching selection of drinks

Soft Drinks



Mountain Dew