My Morning-to-Night Schedule
Task Description Time
Wake up Alarm wakes me up for school 6:00 AM
Shower After waking up, I take a shower before school 6:10 AM
Go to school I head into school with my mom or brothers 7:00 AM
Lunch I go to lunch, typically eat chicken nuggets or a salad 12:10 PM
Let out from School After all classes, we are let out 2:30 PM
Go to Locker room I go to locker room for track practice 2:40 PM
Track practice Finishes Track practice finishes (typically I do sprints and Pole Vaulting) 5:00 PM
Eat Dinner I eat dinner full of protien to help with muscle recovery 5:45 PM
Fix Car I recently bought a car, so I had to change oil etc. 6:20 PM
Homework I do homework that teachers handed me throughout the day 6:40 PM
Business I research or pursue current business ideas 7:00 PM
Chill I watch tv or youtube etc. 8:00 PM