Patnoudes' Web Design & Hosting

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About Us

Patnoudes' Web Design & Hosting was created as a school project for the online class Basic Web Design: HTML and CSS. The course begins with the basic structures of html and by the end you learn to create majority of what you see on this website. Some effects and elements were learned on my own, through the use of Google, books, and Youtube. The hardest part about this website was definitely following the guidelines for the final project (this website). Some ideas had to be thrown out due to the need of adding specific elements that were required, and the strict time schedule I was given. I would recommend this course to people interested in Web design through the use of coding languages such as HTML and CSS. I would not recommend it to people who can't follow strict guidelines. Majority of the assignments required very specific elements to generate a specific outcome. If you were able to generate that specific outcome without the use of extra elements it may look good but it will not receive full credit.

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