Patnoudes' Web Design & Hosting

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  • SEO and Hosting

    Our Search Engine Optimization and Hosting package includes elite strategies to put your business on the front page of google's results. We take care of the dirty work for you with our experts having complete knowledge of html SEO. This package also includes our top of the line web-hosting. Our hosting guarantees unlimited storage and up to 4 websites.

    Web Development

    Our advanced team of web developers will create up to 5 websites for you! These websites are fully customizable after your purchase so nothing is permanent if you have intentions of making updates. Our team creates your custom website from scratch through the use of HTML5 and CSS3 to create as much appeal and conversion rates as possible.

    Social Media Marketing

    The use of Social Media applications like Instagram has never been higher. So how can you create a revenue from that? Our team of Social Media Marketers own various Instagram pages in various different niches to meet your businesses every need. The SM Marketing package includes a feed post, story post, and link in bio.

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